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What’s Included in your PPSR Search?

Quality and substance at an affordable rate – that’s what we offer. Get a comprehensive REVS Check report with official PPSR certificate from the Australian government database. We give you all the relevant details to make the best decision for you when buying a used car.

Finance Check

You can prevent repossession of your new car purchase with a simple PPSR check. Double check whether the seller has finance owing on the car before you put down your money to buy. If the debt is not paid, you could lose both the car and your money.

Write-Off Check

Run a fast PPSR search and find out if the vehicle was involved in an accident or incident. Get details on collisions, hail damage, flood damage and more. Know whether the car was affected by a repairable write-off or if it had major damage and if the repairs were done properly.

Vehicle Registration Details

Ensure that the seller is giving you accurate vehicle Rego details. Run a PPSR check and get the state in which the vehicle is registered and the registration expiration date. With a quick PPSR search and an Official PPSR certificate, you can verify the car registration details in minutes.

Stolen Status Check

Don’t be a victim of theft. Secure your money and make the right purchase. Get a PPSR report and find out if the used car you want to buy was reported as stolen in any of the states in Australia. From QLD to NSW to WA, our PPSR search details stolen status checks across Australia.

Vehicle Validation

Verify that the make and model information on the car you are interested in is accurate. Make sure that the VIN number corresponds to the details on the PPSR report for the type of car that you looked at and what is on the registration papers that the seller gave to you.

PPSR Certificate

Each report comes with an Official Australian government PPSR Certificate. With information from the official NEVDIS and AFSA databases, you are sure to get all the relevant details that the government has on the used vehicle you want before you buy.

What is the Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR)?

The Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR) is an online government database of security interest in personal property. Lenders and creditors use the PPSR to let others know that they have an interest in a particular good or asset.

Searching the PPSR helps lenders and creditors know if a vehicle they are interested is already registered and what details are available on the vehicle.

Before you buy a used car, make sure you have all the facts. Get an affordable Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR) check done fast.

How to Run a PPSR Search with Ease

PPSR Search helps you protect yourself from buying a lemon or losing your money. Also, you can conduct a PPSR search with ease at Vin Check Report. Just enter the Rego or VIN number and get a report that is easy to read and ready in seconds.

Worried that the car may be sold by the time you get a PPSR report?

That's not an issue with VIN Check Report as our reports are generated in seconds from the official government register. Get the right car details to make a decision in minutes – not hours.

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